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The Virginia Mathematics Teacher (VMT) is published twice yearly and is distributed by mail to all current members.

The VMT is the winner of a 2018 Publication Award from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Current Issue

Volume 48, Number 1 (2023) 


  • The Mathematics of Congressional Reapportionment: Rounding in Action
  • Elementary Preservice Teachers Engaging in a Task for Statistical Problem-Solving
  • The Exponential Function and What it Can Tell us About the Consumption of Non-renewable Resources
  • Comprehension and Solving Math Word Problems
  • Data Visualization - A Tool for Solving Unsolved Mysteries

Regular Features

  • Message From the President
  • Technology Review: Using Social Media in Teaching Mathematics
  • Busting Blockbusters
  • Good Reads
  • HEXA Challenge
  • The Puzzlemaker

Past Issues

Volume 47, Number 2 (2022)


  •  All About the Number Line
  • Ditch the Hundreds Chart
  • Engaging Students in the Digital Math Classroom
  • Addressing Unfinished Learning

Regular Features

  • Message From the President
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching of Mathematics: Implementing a Rethinking Schools Lesson Plan in Middle School Mathematics
  • Mathematics in Nature: Modeling Climate Change
  • Busting Blockbusters
  • Technology Review: Embracing New Modalities of Teaching and Learning
  • Good Reads
  • HEXA Challenge
  • The Puzzlemaker

Archived Issues

Call for Manuscripts

We are seeking manuscripts that align to one of our regular features described below. Manuscripts are accepted on an on-going basis. Submit your manuscript here.

All articles are peer reviewed and feedback will be shared with the author. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, contact us at

For questions, reach out to our editorial staff at

Research or Practitioner Articles

We are accepting papers on elementary, middle, and secondary mathematics teaching and education. 

Teaching Dilemmas

We are accepting articles that include teachers' reflections on mathematical topics you find challenging to teach.  If you have a difficult problem or topic you use for your students, please describe the problem, discuss common student difficulties with it, and the way you approach teaching this topic.

Culturally Responsive Teaching of Mathematics

CRT is a research-based approach to teaching. It connects students' cultures, languages, and life experiences with what they learn in school.

Notes from the Field

In this section we feature articles from teachers who find exceptional ways to teach "ordinary" concepts in their classrooms. 

Busting Blockbusters

In this section we are accepting suggestions for scenes from movies for readers to analyze and explain the mathematical plausibility of them. Please describe the scene and provide a timestamp for it.

Math girls 

What does your school division or institution do to encourage girls in mathematics? Submit any information or publications related to girls in mathematics education.

Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries

We are accepting articles about fascinating mathematical problems that have not yet been solved. The problem itself should be described simply so that a middle school student could understand it. It should also include the progress that has been made by the mathematics community on solving this problem.

Mathematics in Nature

In this section we feature articles that examine nature through the lens of mathematics. We are interested in articles that have meaning in the Kindergarten - Grade 12 classroom.

My Remarkable Student

Have you  had a student that changed the way you think and teach? If so, please submit an article describing your experiences with this student and the ways they have affected your teaching.

Good Reads

Do you know of a teaching resource or literature laden with mathematics content? Please send any literature reviews to Dr. Betti Kreye at with the subject line: Good Reads.

Technology Review

Do you have a review of an app, website, or online resource? Please send your critical review to Alex Moore at with the subject line: Technology Review.

Editorial Staff

Ashley Pratt, Editor

Toni Sorrell, Editor

Christina Anthony, Associate Editor

Serena Campbell, Associate Editor

Della Childress, Associate Editor

Michelle Rittenhouse, Associate Editor

Kimberly Zicafoose, Associate Editor

Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PO Box 73593
Richmond, VA 23235 

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