(These committees are mandated in the constitution.)

CONFERENCE – This committee is responsible for locating an annual conference (or academy) site and coordinating local arrangements in planning and the implementation of the annual conference.

MATHEMATICS EDUCATOR of the YEAR (MEOY) – This committee identifies qualified candidates who are exemplary math educators in the state of Virginia for recognition by the Council on an annual basis.

MEMBERSHIP – This committee originates and puts into operation plans for securing and retaining the largest possible membership in the Council and coordinates communication with affiliates.

NOMINATIONS – This committee is chaired by the Past President and recruits members from across the state to fill upcoming slots on the elected Board. 

PROGRAM – This committee is responsible for developing and implementing all aspects of the conference program including recruiting and selecting speakers.

PROMOTIONS – This committee develops materials for sale and coordinates sales campaigns for the Council.

PUBLIC POLICY – This committee facilitates the communication of the Council’s policies, positions, and concerns on issues related to mathematics education between governmental agencies, school divisions, affiliate groups, professional organizations, business and industry, the public, and other agencies.

PUBLICATIONS – This committee assists the chair in editing and compiling the Journal articles for publication twice a year.  Other publications deemed necessary to support the purposes of the Council may also be developed.

PUBLICITY – The committee communicates the activities of the Council with appropriate community agencies.  Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) could be used.

SCHOLARSHIP – This committee works with

Virginia colleges and universities to identify qualified candidates for the VCTM scholarship on an annual basis.


(These committees are deemed necessary by the President or Executive Board.)


Continuing Education Grant, Professional Development Grant, and the First Timers’ Grant

Each committee is responsible for updating its application on an annual basis, getting the application posted on the website, emailed to members, and posting it in the Journal.  Each committee reviews all applications and makes a recommendation to the Board for approval.

MATH BEAUTY CONTEST – This committee is responsible for creating/selecting appropriate problems for the four grade bands (3-5, 6-8, 9-Alg 1, Above Alg 1), getting contest information sent to schools, and choosing a winner in each grade band.

PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENT – This committee develops and presents workshops or academies to provide professional development to teachers in underserved areas.

TEACHER RESOURCE REVIEW – The purpose of this committee is to review books, journals, software, manipulatives, etc. for recommendation to the membership.  These reviews are submitted to the Journal and may be posted on the website.


AFFILIATE SUPPORT – This person works as the liaison between the Council and the local Virginia Affiliates.  He/she is responsible for the Affiliate Grant, maintaining a list of Affiliate officers, providing information about Affiliate events for the website and the Journal and conducts an Affiliate Caucus at the annual conference.

VENDOR LIAISON – This person contacts vendors to exhibit at the annual conference and works with the conference committee to allot space for each vendor.

VIRGINIAMATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE COALITION – This person is VCTM’s representative at the Coalition’s meetings in Richmond.  The VCTM representative is the only K-12 mathematics voice at the meetings and provides insight and advice on matters related to K-12 mathematics in Virginia.

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