Message from the President

Jamey Lovin


Now is the time for welcoming spring – a time of transitioning from the cold winter to the warm summer.  Virginia mathematics educators are also in a state of transition as we join district leaders to incorporate the newly revised Standards of Learning into local curriculum documents and develop instructional materials.

If you have not had a chance to visit the Department of Education website, try to do so soon! There you will find timely information from Tina Mazzacane, Mathematics and Science Specialist from the Office of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, about the focus of the new changes.  In her webcast, Tina articulates the two-pronged rationale behind the 2016 revisions.  First, there was a concerted effort to improve the vertical progression of content and make connections between grade levels and standards more apparent.  The second goal was to provide more support for teachers by including in the Understanding the Standard section of the Curriculum Framework, more explanations, examples, and definitions of vocabulary words.

While there, look for professional development materials based on the 2016 SOL Mathematics Institutes! These institutes, framed by the five process goals, focused on instruction to support the new standards.  I know you will find them helpful as you seek to implement the standards in your classrooms.

VCTM is excited to collaborate with you in welcoming a high quality, challenging mathematics program for our students! As always, please feel free to contact myself, or any board member, with ideas on how we can better serve you. 


Jamey Lovin, VCTM President



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