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Exhibiting at the 2020 Conference

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at our upcoming conference! We truly could not have a conference without your support. 

Have a look over the FAQs for some overview details about this year's event. If you have additional questions, please send us an email at vctmath@gmail.com. The link to registration is at the bottom of the page. Thanks again!

Frequently asked questions

1. How much is it to exhibit?

Registration is $400 per table.

2. What is covered in the cost of registration?

One six-foot table with a chair. Tables will be able to access an electrical outlet, but vendors may need to bring their own extension cord or power strip. All vendors will be acknowledged in the program booklet. In addition, we are hoping to have an online conference app. If this happens, all vendors will be recognized on the online app.

Vendors are asked to limit setup to the immediate area around the table. Vendors who wish to have a larger display than that allowed by the six-foot table will need to purchase additional space by indicating "1 guest" on the reservation form.

3. Can we reserve more than one table?

Yes, additional tables may be reserved at a rate of $400 per table. If you would like additional tables, please indicate this as a guest registration on the registration form. For example, if you wish to have a total of two tables, fill out the registration form and indicate that you will have "1 guest". You would be charged a rate of $800 for reserving a total of two tables.  

If you only want to reserve one table, fill out the registration form without adding any guest registrations.

4. Are discounts available for small companies or non-profit organizations?

Yes, the first table can be reserved for $200. Please note that any additional tables would be at the base rate of $400.

A small company is defined as one with four or fewer employees.

5. Are discounts available for companies who provide a sponsorship?

Yes! We are looking for vendors who can provide conference bags, lanyards, and/or food for our awards banquet. Space in our exhibit hall will be provided at a reduced rate or waived entirely for vendors who provide a sponsorship. 

Limited sponsorships are available. Please reach out to vctmath@gmail.com for more information.

6. Can we purchase an ad in the program booklet?

Yes. There is a space on the registration form where you can indicate that you would like to purchase an advertisement. All advertisements must be sent to vctmath@gmail.com no later than February 1. 

7. How many registrants are you expecting?

We typically average anywhere between 600 ant 1,000 attendees.

8. What are the hours for the exhibit hall?

The exhibit hall will be open for attendees to visit between 8:00 and 4:30 on March 13, and from 7:30 to 12:00 on March 14.

9. When can exhibitors begin setting up?

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the exhibit hall prior to the beginning of the conference. The earliest we will have access to the building is Friday morning (March 13th) at 7:00 a.m.

10. Can we ship any materials ahead of time?

We are currently working with VCU to arrange this. This will be updated as more information becomes available.

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